Model: Davinia Corrales
Photography: Álvaro Martín

Location: Soliva (Málaga)

This photo shooting was one of the most organized lately and a lot of people collaborated. Davinia Corrales, apart of working as a model so many times, is make-up
artist, so she was working on that too during the shooting. Cristina Morales was the hairdresser, being Blanca Luque and Alejandro Blanco who lended
the Suzuki motorcycle that appears in the most of the photographies. My coworker Miriam Soriano took part too.

The work was made in the mid-morning during summertime, so the intense sun light was treated with different ways. Backlight, no flash, flash or reflector to
compensate light or even the model covering their eyes with her own hand. Changing clothing and moving motorcycle completed the shooting with satisfactory